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Garden Trellis Kits for Easy Home Installation

Bollin Rigging supplies easy to install kits of garden trellis wires and wall eyes in outdoor grade stainless steel to fit any area of wall or fence. All we require are the dimensions of the area to be covered and we will do the rest.

Whilst stainless steel trellis is more expensive than traditional galvanized wires, it will last almost indefinitely and needs little, if any, maintenance through its life. Our trellis wires are a cost effective way of providing support to your valuable plants and once fitted, are unnoticeable and last forever.

trellis wire end fitting stainless steel trellis wire

Easily Fitted Trellis Wires

Using 3mm diameter stainless steel wire and stainless steel end fittings, any shape or size of wall, pergola or other structure can be 'rigged' with trellis or training wires.

Constructed from stainless steel, the structure will last almost indefinitely, is immensely strong and looks beautiful even when foliage has died off in the winter months.

As each wire is a separate unit, trellis can be made up in any pattern and spacing depending on the effect required.

As each wire is a separate unit, trellis can be made up in any pattern and spacing depending on the effect required.

If wires exceed approx 1.5met total length, intermediate support eyes will be required at approx 1 to 1.5met intervals. Maximum length is around 10met.


Each wire is fastened back to the sub structure using a 5mm stainless steel eye-bolt at each end, the wire is then fitted into the eyes and tensioned using the threaded studs at each end. Eyes can be fastened into masonry using rawl-plugs or directly into timber as they have a wood screw thread.

Prices Including VAT:

  • 3mm Stainless Wire Per Met £1.35
  • Eye-Bolts - 2 Needed Per Wire - £2.25 each
  • Stud Tensioner Inc. Nuts And Washers fitted to wire - 2 Needed Per Wire - £4.25 each
Plant trellis 3

How to Order

Simply measure the area that requires trellis then email or phone our office with these dimensions, with the layout and spacing of the wires you require, and we will get back to you with a quotation the same day.

Bollin Rigging will dispatch you kit within 2 to 3 days of order and payment.

Delivery is charged at £4.95 per order.

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